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With  program, we want to make a change in the industry for curls and textured hair treatment.

By doing so, we are increasing the diversity among customers and employees in the workplace. We want to see equal opportunities and equal offers for everyone.

Program Content

By working with the knowledge you already have, we help to open the doors to a new customer group. The Krølleløftet program is a perfect fit for you who are a hairdresser, have a salon or are a hairdressing student.


  • Students will gain knowledge about curls and textured hair and cultural and historical understanding.

  • You will learn various cutting, grooming and styling techniques to be ready to receive all types of curls.

This certification program can contain the following modules:



We will present the basic skills and learn about curl history, diversity and identity.


You will learn methods and techniques for cleansing and care, product selection and equipment selection.


We will work with practical skills such as cutting techniques, wet cutting, dry cutting and straight cutting.


We will focus on practical skills by looking at protective hairstyles, styling techniques and general preparation.


Why take our course?

The Krølleløftet program is a perfect fit for you who are a hairdresser, have a salon or are a hairdressing student.

As well contributes to the following aspects: 


Show that you are committed to diversity and that you can provide service to all customers.

Today, customers, employees and the authorities expect companies to take greater responsibility for sustainability..


You can create a meaningful brand that meets customers' expectations of sustainability, ethics and diversity.

You show that the business is progressive and contributes to strengthening important values​​ in society.


Sustainability pays off, not only for the environment but also your brand.

With tools for diversity management, you get help to review the routines in the business. With that, you will achieve a more profitable operation - and you can increase revenue on an increased customer base.


With the Krølleløftet program, you create increased diversity awareness and committed employees and customers.

You lead by example and say that all customers are equally important and that you have the knowledge to treat all types of hair.

Blue to Cream Gradient

Ready for Krølleløftet?

We can tailor an offer of courses and certification for your business!

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