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Course program
in curly textured hair
for hairdressers 

The program is developed by us with curls, for us with curls - together with hairdressers and vocational educators who specialize in curls - specifically for hairdressers in addition to teachers.

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How this program is different:

  • Developed over time through workshops and feedback from curlies.

  • Specifically designed for hairdressers and hairdressers students.

  • Large focus on practical training on models throughout the course.

  • Cultural and historical elements as part of the training program.

"This was an educational course, where we became well acquainted with the styling and care of textured hair. After this, many of the students had a focus on textured hair throughout the school year."

Gjøvik VGS


Upcoming events

Curling day for parents

April 22 - Oslo


Curling course

8. May 22 - Oslo

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Students work

The team

Natalie Beckford

Natalie started her hairdressing career with Adam and Eva in 2016 and is the proud winner of

"Hairdresser of the Year in 2021".

She would inspire and engage hairdressers across the country to take care of all kinds of clients and hair by sharing her knowledge and joy of textured hair.

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Barbro Sørlien

Barbro has worked as a hairdresser and stylist for almost 30 years and throughout his career worked in Adam & Eva, Oslo hairdressing school and held courses at home and abroad. She started Billy's Bumble and bumble in Aker Brygge and has won five awards for her expertise over the years. Barbro has now trained as a vocational teacher specializing in textured hair on her exam.

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Lalla Coulibaly

Lalla is a curly girl from Oslo, who runs the website Krølltopp - Norway's largest website for curls and textured hair in Norwegian.  

Now she works strategically with the Norwegian beauty industry to create awareness around hair and diversity, through campaigns, lectures, and courses for hairdressers

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Steffie O Mayazi

Steffie is a brave lady from Sweden, educated at Auster Academy in Norway. Known for taking all the “curly customers". Steffie is also known for her skills in cutting and coloring textured hair. Now she is based in Accra, Ghana and work as Salon Manager at West Africas largest spas in Kempinski Hotel. She is passionate about equal opportunities for all and wants to help share knowledge that can normalize textured hair on a professional level.

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The team

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